3 Selfish Reasons To Go To The Park

3 Selfish Reasons to Go to the Park

Getting three kids and a puppy to the park is rough. It’s hot here in Texas and it’s always SUCH an ordeal to pack up diapers, water, snacks, and well, everything. It can be overwhelming as it’s usually just me and the girls. People see me and always say, “you sure got your hands full.” Ya think?

So I find myself making excuses to go; I’m tired, we’re low on gas, the dog looks ill doesn’t she? Ugh. But today I made a few revelations.

1. I Get Out of The House

Hey, it’s not like I’m going to a ball. But I am outside, getting fresh air and I tend to meet other moms at the park and it’s nice to have a discussion with folks around my age.  My girls run me like crazy and the exercise I get makes a day at the gym look like a cake walk.


3. I Get to Wear My Kids Out

Sure, my kids are getting plenty of vitamin D and lots of exercise. They are playing, so I know they are learning, and they’re interacting with other kids. What they are doing that helps me though is getting worn out. All of my kids have skipped the nap time phase in their lives. Of course this changes when they’ve had a big day at the park.  By 11am they are out till 1pm. So maybe, next time I won’t drag my feet so much, reread this then rush to the park


From A Baby Grows in Brooklyn

2. I Get to Unplug

Awesome pic from WORD VOM!!

At the park I can’t be on my phone. Sorry, but I don’t want to be THAT parent at the park.

You know the one who is on Facebook while his/her kid is crying, being bullied, left hanging,  rolling down a sharp rock-broken glass-encrusted incline…?
I can’t bring myself to be on the phone anymore after watching this video by Lu Hanessian of Parent2ParentU

I DO bring my phone when I have a client near early labor…but it’s on silent and doesn’t get looked at unless it goes off. Even then unless you are my client, you don’t get me, unless you get me.

Besides the unplug it’s all about the sensory down load.

 I love getting into the same head space as my kids. It’s so nice to see what they see, hear things the way they hear it. It seems watching my kids play is the only time I can turn off my inner dialogue. I watched Charlie today for like 18 minutes straight. Just filling and emptying a bucket of sand over and over. It was mesmerizing, watching her yellow shovel slowly, calculating and  purposeful, over and over again. Filling, emptying and refilling her bucket,I realized I was only watching her and her task at hand. Nothing else mattered, as if I had no bills, debt, responsibility…I felt so joyful…Mind you I knew and know I still have debt and responsibility, I said I was mesmerized not delusional.
It’s just that when I watch my girls I am reminded of being a kid and how great it is. To be in the moment. They aren’t worried about what’s next or when we’re going home. I never get to be that way doing yoga or other times when I try and meditate. So forget hiring a guru. I’m just going to watch my kids and everyone else can think I’m a good mommy but I’m really in it just for me.(so I can be a good mommy) ;) . See you at the play ground. Unless you are on your phone. 


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  1. Sondra Rose June 4, 2012 at 4:32 pm #

    Great post! Makes me appreciate my mom even more. She had 5 girls to wrangle!

  2. Rita Bell June 4, 2012 at 8:35 pm #

    Great post, especially the part about being mesmerized while your kid plays. I love when that happens, I never even feel dumb; just joy. The last time, I was watching my 9 year old role playing with her toys. She looked up at me watching her, and I said, I could watch you talk for an hour. She just smiled. In 10, 20 years, I won’t remember this deposition I’m summarizing, but I’ll always remember how her dimples showed when she spoke for the stuffed bunny.

    I still take my 9, 13 and 14 year olds to the park. Luckily, (besides no more diaper bags woohoo!) we have a water feature park across the street from our apartment complex. No one is ever too old to run through sprinklers and have a bucket of water dumped on your head in 104 heat :P Yeah, the 14 year old spends most of the time on her phone, but so what? I know – I hope – she’ll know that it’s “normal” to spend a saturday afternoon at the park no matter how old you are.

  3. Joann Woolley June 5, 2012 at 6:11 am #

    Being at the park with the kids is one of the time I’m very connected to them and not anything else – it is a constant struggle to be a business owner and mommy – so I love this post as a reminder to my resolution to get the kids to the park 3 times a week!

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