Karen Brody, Playwright of BIRTH, Founder of BOLD | Bring Birth Home

Karen Brody, Playwright of BIRTH, Founder of BOLD | Bring Birth Home.

So thrilled to be a part of this interview with one of my personal heroes Karen Brody!

She will be our guest tonight on BRING BIRTH HOME TV!
Karen Brody is a mother of two boys, born in 1999 and 2001. In 2005 she wrote a documentary-style play called Birth, offering a portrait of how low-risk mothers are giving birth in America. As a consequence of Birth Brody founded BOLD, a global movement inspiring communities to use theater and storytelling circles to raise awareness and money to improve childbirth choices for mothers. BOLD events are experienced by thousands of people worldwide every year. In 2010 Karen launched The My Body Rocks Project whose goal is to take mothers to the soul of their stories and reclaim their “my body rocks” authentic self
I hope you will Join us live!
Here’s a little more bout her play! I am proud and happy to have been an actor in BIRTH the Play 3 times and directed once! I think everyone should see this play.

Join my fabulous co-host Kaitlin Parmenter and I this Wednesday on Bring Birth Home TV as we speak with Karen about Birth, BOLD, and the creation of her newest venture, FEAR to FREEDOM, offering birth facilitator certification and childbirth preparation.

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