Catching Babies, the Documentary and the Birth of Midwives

Catching Babies Director Barni Axmed Qaasim, will be joining us Monday night November 21st at 10pm CST. Join us live by calling in or join us in the live chat room.

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My guest will be sharing information on her new film Catching Babies. Barni Axmed Qaasim is a filmmaker and writer focused on sharing the stories and experiences of people who are left out of dominant Western media. Her work spans documentary to music videos and is dedicated to documenting resistance from the refugee camp to the streets. Barni works closely with the Somali community in the States and won a Somali Association of Arizona award of recognition for “giving Somali refugees a voice” with her documentary, A Little Rebirth. Barni works closely with grassroots migrants’ right organizations in Arizona and in Oakland. Barni holds a BA in a Political Science with a minor in Video Production and a Masters of Arts in Broadcasting.
We will also be joined by
: Jennifer Lucero, Producer
Jennifer Lucero is a graduate of the University of Texas at El Paso where she received her degree in Electronic Media, focusing on documentary film work and a minor in Women’s Studies. Lucero believes that communication is the fire starter of every social change and seeks to give people a voice through film making. In her work, Lucero’s artistic vision is to capture the stories of the people that are not heard through mainstream media. Currently, Lucero resides in Cleveland Ohio where she works at a grass roots non-profit resource center where she uses media to raise awareness about HIV/STDS and reproductive issues.

in addition we will be joined by
Jessica Kirkwood Weaver, Midwife
Jessica Kirkwood Weaver graduated from Maternidad La Luz in 2009 and stayed on as staff midwife. This summer she ended her time there and moved to Wisconsin where she has been networking with other midwives and plans to start attending homebirths next spring.

The following is directly from the site Iftiin Productions

Shot in cinema verité style, Catching Babies takes viewers are taken into an intimate space with the midwives and families by using close-ups and the background sounds of bustling households. In the vibrant colors of this border town, slow-paced and reflective moments will be contrasted with the fast pace of the Birthing Center. The midwives will narrate the unpredictable shifts in the Birth Center on-camera as they perform the meaningful work of supporting women through the most important moments of their life.

While to some the idea of midwifery conjures up images of primitive healthcare practices, to others it is reminiscent of the ways of their homeland. This field synthesizes advanced medical technology with traditional skills into a healing women’s space. Learn about midwifery through the journey of women who are dedicated to empowering mothers and welcoming healthy babies.


I am thrilled to be able to speak to this amazing woman. I hope you will be able to catch a screening or host one in your home town.




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