Being a parent is the HARDEST JOB you’ll ever have. We want you to know you’re not alone. The mission of progressive parenting is to inform, not preach, to share not advise, and to connect not alienate.


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“If I Could, I Would” One Fathers Quest to Change How We Perceive Breastfeeding

Advertise Here I can’t remember now who first told me about Hector Cruz, was it on Facebook? Was it my friend Jamie Lynne? All I know was my first reaction about a story about a guy talking about breastfeeding was an excited one. What? A dude ALL ABOUT Breastfeeding! I have to know this man! [...]

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Being Fiscally Conservative is not the same as Being Modest

Fiscally Conservative, Same as Being Modest? Nope, That’s a Different Kind of Conservative March 12th at 2:28pm Representative Riddle of Texas had this to say about House Bill  House Bill 1706:   House Bill 1706 was brought before a House Committee today – it is about breast feeding. Now, I am all in favor of breast [...]

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My 5 Cs of Being An Awesome Dad! Guest Post: Darren Mattock of Becoming Dad

My 5 Cs of Being An Awesome Dad!   As a father and in my work with expectant and new dads, I’ve learned a lot about becoming dad. My son Charlie has been my greatest teacher. The stories of other dads have also positively and powerfully shaped my ideas, perspectives and understanding of what it [...]

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